Web Development
Done Right

  • Web development as a product

    MPC is an in-house team of pros ranging from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and full stack developers, QA & QAA specialists to UI/UX designers, Creative Designers, Branding Designers and Project Managers. Our staff works with a selection of reliable, tested technologies, including Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, Node.js, Angular, React and Vue.js. Depending on the scope of your project, we decide on the best approach and assemble your own Marvelous Product Creators team. As a result, you get a full package reflecting your needs. More so, it’s all scalable.

  • Client as a central team member

    We’ll take good care of your idea, but we need you as our expert. After all, we do know the ropes, but it’s you who has domain knowledge. You know your clients and your market best. That’s why we’ve made customer-driven development methods an essential part of our process. This way we can translate your knowledge into technical specifications. Let’s join forces to create the finest results by frequent delivery of working product features and iterating each step of the process.

  • User-oriented design

    Even the most skilled designer can’t read users’ minds. That’s why we apply UI/UX guidelines to each product we work on, but also support them with thorough research. Our team uses reliable analytics software such as GoogleAnalytics and Hotjar alongside tools like GoogleOptimize for A/B testing. By taking these measures, we make sure our results are tailor-made for actual humans, not idealized concepts.

  • Mobile-first approach

    With over 3 billion smartphone users spending an average of over 5 hours on them a day, the mobile devices market is definitely the one to focus on. We create software that follows us everywhere and responds to the modern, rapid lifestyle. MPC developers work on mobile solutions with time- and cost-efficiency in mind, using grids and responsive frameworks to build multi-platform products.

Technology Stack

  • Angular
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • WordPress

It all starts with an idea... But what’s next?


Client Idea

Let’s start by hearing you out. You present your ideas and goals so we could help you shape their scope and specifications. Once we come up with a solution, MPC translates your idea to a set of objectives and tasks. This way, we both have a better understanding of business processes and a clear overview of the workflow.
Client Idea

Kick off

Time to get into details of our cooperation. Before we start developing your idea, it's worth planning our work. Let’s decide on milestones, establish communication and set up multiple points of contact. We'll take a final look at your business perspective and introduce our team to you. It's also the time for quality assurance officers to start analyzing future specifications.
Kick off

Wireframes & Design

In this step, we'll gather your benchmarks and inspirations to make sure we fully understand each other. Then we'll show you wireframes to illustrate your business idea and discuss it. Finally, the design team will be ready to work on user-tested layouts. At this stage, it's important to set up feedback loops. By frequent iterating, we double-check if our ideas reflect current market trends and your needs.
Wireframes & Design

Development & QA

The development team works side by side with designers, using agile methodology to meet your objectives. We write the code with your business in mind at all times, making sure you take part in our decisions and giving you space to discuss the details. We also run quality assurance processes, including use cases, traffic and stress-testing. Then we share a test environment with you, so you could see real-life scenarios before releasing your product.
Development & QA

Product Launch

It’s time to open that champagne and celebrate the hard work! We cooperate with you on releasing a full, working product and support the entire deployment process. While you start feeling the wind in your sails and meet new, exciting opportunities, we help you analyze the first market reactions.
Product Launch

Recent work

Bespoke E-commerce

Bespoke E-commerce

Beauty products need beautiful solutions - that's why Vanilla Mall was looking for tailor-made E-commerce software. Read on to find out how the company got a versatile product that’s both client-friendly and sales-optimized.
Tailor-made intranet solution

Tailor-made intranet solution

With employees spread out across the globe, ib vogt needed a custom-made solution to bring a sense of unity to the team and share vital information in a smooth, transparent manner. See how MPC built a product tailored to improve communication, training, announcements, and much more.

Get a tailor-made product that works wonders for you and your clients.

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