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Make your dreams of having a thriving business online come true with the help of the most popular eCommerce plugin, well–known for being highly customizable, scalable, and suitable for any kind of business, no matter the type and size.

Our dedicated team can help you design and create your WooCommerce project, customize your plugins and themes to your heart’s content, as well as migrate your already existing eCommerce store.


I have worked with many website creators in the past, all whom I have had to part ways with. As none of them were able to implement my designs and vision for SHANE.

Shane Carslake

Meet the Leading WooCommerce Development Company

Hire expert WooCommerce developers for whom WordPress holds no secrets. This expertise stems from WPKraken, a WordPress–focused service we’ve been running ever since 2016. We’ve worked with over 52,000 clients from over 160 countries. You can see what they say about us on Clutch.

Vanilla Mall

Beauty products need beautiful solutions – that’s why Vanilla Mall was looking for tailor-made E-commerce software. Read on to find out how the company got a versatile product that’s both client-friendly and sales-optimized.
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WooCommerce Development Services We Offer


The sky is the limit — or rather, your own creativity and ideas. Thanks to rich

plugin customization and theme customization, even the boldest project requirements can be met. Make your eCommerce store challenge the status quo!

All Businesses Welcome

No matter what you’re selling — productized services, physical goods, or even real estate — you can find yourself right at home on this popular eCommerce platform. WooCommerce comes with many possibilities that can support even the most niche of businesses.

Neverending Scaling

WooCommerce is also great for businesses of any size; from small businesses selling handmade products to large companies dealing with high traffic and even more sales. No matter the stage of your business, you can trust WooCommerce to handle it all.

Analyze Everything

How do we know that our business processes work? By doing the math, of course! Thankfully, the WooCommerce platform can help us out by introducing many solutions to keep track of traffic, conversion, churn rates, and many other important metrics.

Limitless Integrations

Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Stripe, OptinMonster, Slack — WooCommerce integration solutions come with no restrictions. Anything you need can be integrated with your eCommerce website to make your life better (and easier).

SEO Friendly

Delight the search engines by ensuring that your WooCommerce store follows the best SEO practices, which will result in higher organic traffic, brand awareness, and better online visibility. This way, you won’t ever get lost in the digital crowd.

What Can Our WooCommerce Developers Do For You?

WooCommerce Website Development Services

From fixing bugs to creating new plugins, themes, or even whole new websites, you can have it all — WooCommerce web development services offer limitless possibilities due to their high level of customization and flexibility. Invest in your site to raise up your authority and trustworthiness, stand out from the competitive crowd, and convince users to keep coming back for more.

Custom WooCommerce Development Services

Make your WooCommerce store completely unique and on–brand up to the little details, creating a memorable, unforgettable experience. If you’re dreaming of an Award–worthy design, choosing WooCommerce customization services won’t disappoint you.  

WooCommerce Theme Development Services

Are you falling behind on the design trends? Does your WooCommerce store deter clients instead of attracting them? Decide to join arms with us to refresh and modernize your site, changing it into a robust eCommerce store with user–friendly and intuitive web interface, as well as eye–catching visuals.

WooCommerce Plugin Development Services

Keep up with the competition and embed features that forever change the user experience for the better, increasing engagement and overall client satisfaction. Enrich your store with live chats, interactive popups, frictionless checkouts, and so much more.

WooCommerce Migration Services

Is your online store already up and running, but you need the change of scenery? Don’t worry — moving your business into a new home can be quick, painless, and safe. Discover all the possibilities that come with WooCommerce migration and thrive in the eCommerce industry!

Outsource WooCommerce Web Development with MPC

MPC is a software development company, offering a wide range of services, among them WooCommerce development services. With us, you can rest assured that your code is in good hands, as proven by reviews posted on Clutch. Our high reviews stem from upholding transparent, honest communication, Agile practices that have yet to leave us astray, and last but not least — delivering high–quality code that goes well hand–in–hand with the client’s business requirements.

WooCommerce Web Development Process

MPC: WooCommerce Development Agency You Can Trust

Outsourcing your WooCommerce development — be it WooCommerce plugin development, WooCommerce theme development, or any other custom WooCommerce development helps you save time, money, and sanity. Leave it to the experts to handle the most difficult tasks that require years of experience, resources, and knowledge — all of which we’re proud to have.

Business–Driven Decisions

While our domain is technology, we also know a thing or two about business — from our own experience, no less. We’re aware that these two things need to go hand–in–hand and that all decisions need to be carefully considered from many different perspectives. That’s why our first priority is to get to know our client’s company in–depth in order to propose the best solutions.

Straightforward & Effective, Flexible Processes

We’re not fans of pointless bureaucracy or prolonged processes just for the sake of it. Instead, we’re straight to the point and focused on taking action rather than holding endless meetings that bring nothing new to the table. Because of that, we can pivot and adapt in no time at all, quickly reacting to new circumstances.

Risk Assessment & Thorough Testing

Since software development is more often than not an unpredictable roller coaster ride, risk assessment is a necessity we never neglect. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we go through all possible scenarios to foresee any problems. Additionally, we start testing as soon as possible to make sure that each element works as expected. Better safe than sorry!

Transparent Communication

To have a clear understanding of the situation at all times, we encourage honest, direct communication to avoid any misunderstandings or even conflicts. We do the same with our clients — by holding meetings at the frequency of their choosing and giving access to our tools (like Slack or Jira) we promote full transparency and increase trust.

We Thrive On Feedback

No matter the title or job seniority, everyone is encouraged to speak their minds and share their unique insight that comes from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and characters. Only this way can we truly grow, learn from our mistakes, and face new challenges.

Passion for Learning

We’re all diehard enthusiasts that love the work we do. Our drive to improve with each completed project makes us follow the industry’s news avidly, incorporate recommended best practices, and propose innovative, creative solutions that come from the need to always surpass expectations — both the client’s and our own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case it’s your first time dealing with WooCommerce web development, read these frequently asked questions to learn all the most important bits about this technology. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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