Beauty products need beautiful solutions – that’s why Vanilla Mall was looking for tailor-made E-commerce software. Read on to find out how the company got a versatile product that’s both client-friendly and sales-optimized.





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Vanilla Mall is a multi-vendor marketplace platform made for selling beauty products from all over the world. It’s a place where brands can open themselves to new market opportunities and coordinate their sales in countries such as Thailand, China, and Japan. The website includes dozens of brand stores managed both by the brand’s representative and the store’s staff. On top of the brands’ own stores, the entire product range is sorted into categories combining items from all brands.

The company’s CEO has initially turned to MPC for little tweaks he needed to polish his new E-commerce site. After battle-testing our team, he decided to partner with the company to build an entire platform and optimize its speed.

Having discussed Vanilla Mall’s objectives and requirements, we decided to combine WordPress, WooCommerce and WCFM Marketplace to ensure top-notch results. MPC has dedicated two devs and a QA officer to run this project.

Technology Stack


Managing The Store

Since Vanilla Mall is a multi-vendor platform, their main need was an engine that’d harmonize a distributed network of warehouses. The company was after a set of mechanisms that’d combine the items stored at different locations into one user’s order. MPC has streamlined the entire sales and store management process, from a new order notification to a happy customer’s review.


The product supports the warehouse network and stock management. MPC team has implemented an advanced filtering solution for maximum efficiency. For billing, we’ve introduced a tool for customizing the invoices’ names and numbering. This solution also includes an automated refund system. Next, we’ve integrated Vanilla Mall with a shipping system and introduced a tracking feature.


To support different roles inside Vanilla Mall, MPC has introduced an advanced permission matrix. Thanks to it, the store’s admins got a flexible system that’s easy to customize according to different responsibilities inside the organization.

Through The Back Door

Inside Vanilla Mall, each vendor works with an intuitive, multi-functional panel that allows full coordination of different steps and tasks. Apart from the features mentioned above, the platform provides advanced coupons management. MPC introduced a complex solution for navigating this feature even further: the user can enter detailed information about the possible use cases of each coupon, such as “first order only”, “certain brands/items only”, etc. Thanks to that, Vanilla Mall is prepared for various types of sales and promos.


The store management platform also serves as a valuable tool for analysis and creating sales strategies. The vendor can track the popularity of each product and coupon, as well as the sales figures. The data is as thorough as possible: our devs made sure that this feature recognizes each variant of a given product as a separate item. This way, the vendor gets detailed info on every single available product. More so, sales reports and statistics can be exported into a PDF or Excel file for advanced analysis.

Finally, the platform includes a support system based on tickets.

The Front Window

MPC has created a modern, comprehensive product for skin, body, and haircare lovers looking for a one-stop online shopping experience. Vanilla Mall looked for a versatile platform that’d allow its users to rate the products and share reviews. Apart from the usual shopping services, the company needed marketing features; that’s why we’ve added a built-in email marketing tool. The next step was a customer loyalty program based on an intuitive and clear points system. A value in Vanilla Points assigned to a particular product can be easily changed in the staff panel. Clients can exchange their points for discounts.

The Accomplishment

Vanilla Mall became a one-stop, complete marketplace for modern users. It deals with elaborate logistics while not compromising on the sales process itself. The new platform provides a comprehensive service both for vendors and clients, including useful marketing and analysis engines.


MPC has delivered a product that steps beyond popular E-commerce plugins and provides custom solutions that Vanilla Mall needed to improve their services. The result combines the best of two worlds: advanced stock management and first-class online shopping experience.


MPC helped us to meet requirements and save money and time.

F. Suzuki
Managing Director at Vanilla Mall

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