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Go beyond the professional website design services and sharpen your competitive edge with a team of experts that knows what product monetization is all about. By partnering with people who look at the world through business lenses, you ensure your project’s survival on the vast planes of the free market. Before the software house, MPC was — and still is — a business.


The site which should not exist in the form we imagined, because according to several specialists the project was not feasible — exists well and works perfectly thanks to the efforts of MPC

Kristof Bieganski
Owner & Co-Founder, Music Bay

What Is Web Development?

Web development is all about building web app solutions and their maintenance. The work involved concerns the site’s visual design, also called as front–end, as well as any work done on the servers, referred to as back–end. Web development is wholly responsible for how the web apps look, function, how they can be used and whether they’re safe. 


Web development consists of many stages, requiring input from varied professionals. Web developers are of course a necessity, with quality assurance testers supporting them, and UX/UI designers making sure that the final product will be user–friendly. 


Many projects can be created with web development: e-Commerce sites, social media platforms, games, intranet sites, or simple business single pages serving as a business card. Depending on the website’s purpose, different technologies may be involved. Thus, many software houses tend to focus on niches they specialize in, offering services to different sectors.

How Does My Business Benefit From Web Development Services?


Extend your reach, gaining access to audiences otherwise unavailable and winning over new clients with a responsive design.


Grow your online presence that drives traffic due to search engine optimization compatibility and fuels the intrigue with an attractive UX/UI design.

Adaptability / Flexibility

Be ready to quickly adjust to new situations and to swiftly respond to your customers’ ever–changing needs.


Thanks to technologically improved efficiency and streamlined, automated processes, you save time while delivering express services or products.


Stay at the top of the game by growing and easily scaling your business, depending on circumstances.


Make a real impact that will shake the world with functional, memorable products that make a difference.

How Long Does a Web Development Project Take?

Since web development services offer a wide range of options, there is no universal answer to how long the development process will take. It depends on the scope and complexity of the project, number of people involved, the budget, and many other factors that may apply to your unique circumstances.

That’s why Product Discovery Workshop is so vital; it’s the moment when both the client and the vendor can understand the needs and problems of the specific business and to develop custom solutions that will satisfy all.

Web development doesn’t, and shouldn’t have, end with the product launch. You also have to take into account the support and maintenance stage, to ensure that the product is working smoothly and that all the goals have been met.

What Do You Need?

When it comes to ways of achieving your business goals, you have a full range of development services to choose from. Whether it’s a brand new website design, lightweight custom web applications or innovative ecommerce solutions — the world is your oyster.

Website development services

User and SEO friendly, responsive, fast to load. Boost sales and lead generation, enhance your online presence.

Web portal development

Well–structured, secure, low–maintenance. Monetize your user’s attention and keep them engaged.

e-Commerce website development

Smooth user flow, customer–centric, advanced security. Boost sales and conversion rate with up–to–date web marketing strategies.

Web application development

Fully responsive and browser compatible, easy to install and manage. Create long–lasting and efficient products loved by your customers.

Progressive web apps development

Accessible in any condition, smooth, fast and lightweight. Answer your customers’ needs with easy–to–use, practical solutions.

Minimum Viable Product

Based on comprehensive user research, fast–to–develop and ready for future iterations. Test your business idea with the right prototype.

Technology Stack

When you know what you need, then it’s time to decide how to build it.


PHP is a fast, flexible and pragmatic scripting language used in web development.


JavaScript is a dominant web development technology that supports all modern browsers, delivering fast and rich experience to the users.


WordPress is a content management system written in PHP used in web development.


Laravel is a PHP web framework used for web applications development.


React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.


Vue.js is a progressive, adoptable framework used for building user interfaces and single–page applications.


Node.js is a back–end runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine used for scalable network applications.


Svelte.js is a truly reactive, component framework for building user interfaces that compiles code at build time.


Nest.js is a progressive and versatile framework for Node.js, meant for scalable server–side applications.


Express.js is a minimal, fast, and flexible web framework for Node.js, offering a multitude of features for web applications.

Web Development Process With Massive Pixel Creation

How To Prepare Before Hiring A Web Development Company?

Prepare Clear Requirements

Many misunderstandings arise when people working together assume that they all know what they mean, which in turn results in stressful situations. That’s why stating precise requirements and expectations are the only proven way of ensuring that all parties are on the same page.

Consult Independent Research Portals

Sites like Clutch or Wadline can tell you how certain companies are viewed by a global audience. DesignRush or TechReviewer are also good places to check, as well as Awwwards, if you’d like your future partner to be recognized on the international scene.

Examine Their Services

What exactly is your web developer offering? Does their work include Quality Assurance? What resources will you have to provide, if there are any? Will you have your own, dedicated Project Manager that will keep you updated?

Inspect Their Policies

Especially if you’re working with sensitive information, making sure that you’re chosen website developers comply with relevant security and privacy laws is a must.

Check Case Studies

There is no better proof of your chosen company’s skills and expertise than a portfolio of past jobs. You will also have a better understanding of how your project might look like and whether your niche applies to their scope of expertise.

Inquiry After Communication Processes

Especially if you’re planning to partner with an offshore company, making certain that they have proper communication channels in place and offer frequent meetings is a good step. A good company will treat you as an integral part of the team.

Successful Partnerships

See what new heights can be achieved when the right client finds the right vendor.

Clients Testimonial


We basically rebuilt our core website product with MPC. They’re WordPress experts and our site’s based in WordPress and PHP. We’re about to launch our next generation product in May, which is largely attributed to their efforts. MPC provides a much better skill set at 30%–40% less than the cost per head in the US.

Michael Ferioli
VP of Engineering, Placester

We are extremely happy with the quality of work provided by MPC. All of our goals were achieved. MPC made the entire process smooth and exceeded all of our expectations. (…) Not only did they meet our brief but also came up with enhancements and approaches that we hadn’t even thought of. This is a complete breath of fresh air when dealing with a development company.

Ross Morgan
Company Owner, Peer to Peer Space Rental Marketplace

I was blown away by the knowledge they had about website development and payment gateways, user experience, and optimization. We learned much more than we thought possible, and we appreciated that they were patient and thoughtful while we came up to speed. We have worked with other agencies for different areas of the company, but this was a particularly collaborative and positive experience. I will certainly engage with this company again for any website needs that we have in the future.

Emilio Burillo
Co-Founder, BeaverPal

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