Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Durasein was in need of a website that would showcase their values as a company. The finished product uses out-of-the-box solutions that correspond with the high level of customization and creativity while ensuring great UX and providing the necessary features such as tailor-made filtering and basic eCommerce.








Durasein is an international manufacturing company that provides environment-friendly solid surfaces and funky sanitation designs to those who look for custom, eye-catching interior designs. They put an emphasis on depicting your true self in your home setting, and they realize their mission by delivering products of custom shapes, colors, and sizes that put the ‘I’ in ‘interior’. The abundance of designs and the opportunity to deliver tailor-made products of various styles set Durasein apart from its competition.

The company needed an equally creative solution for their online presence to reflect their individual approach and imaginative attitude. They first reached out to MPC to improve page speed and increase conversion rate, but as the project progressed, this collaboration has evolved into months-long development that has resulted in a state-of-the-art, custom website that fully showcases Durasein’s values and strengths.

The Challenge

The Challenge

As Durasein has decided to entrust us with implementing their designs into WordPress, we needed a battle-tested, power team to translate the visuals into code. The tricky part was that the company wanted the website to match its products in terms of custom shaping and sizing. We needed to put our creative juices to work and sort these challenges out.


As most modern websites base on standard shapes like circles and rectangles for images, the existing tools and solutions weren’t enough this time. Our developers have managed to deliver custom polygon shapes using heavy styling options for full responsiveness, regardless of the device.

On top of that, Durasein’s website was equipped with a custom sorting feature based on WPBakery, an advanced drag-and-drop page builder. This has allowed non-tech team members to build new landing pages and edit the existing content as needed, while the developers can focus on key aspects of website development. We’ve added new filters to the existing plugin, heavily relying on Custom Post Types to ensure intuitive, user-friendly browsing. This solution has allowed Durasein’s customers to reach their chosen products faster and filter out whatever doesn’t suit their vision.

We’ve also implemented features like background video and basic WooCommerce for ordering and delivering surface samples to potential customers. The entire product was built using a standard WordPress stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Most designs were implemented using the WPBakery page builder. For task management, we’ve used InVision as per Durasein’s request.


Thanks to the WooCommerce solution, Durasein has simplified the ordering process. Samples are now a couple of clicks away, reducing the need for personal contact and endless emailing. This has significantly improved the client acquisition process, while the team has actually won back some of the time they had spent on client communication.





The Result

A modern website that’s fast, responsive, and illustrates the brand’s characteristics while delivering breathtaking UX.

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