In Aria! is an Italian broadcasting company that helps millions around the globe to watch live streams of events from anywhere in the world, no matter if it’s a sport, cultural or political one. The company provides the equipment and software required to make it happen. 

Though their area of expertise doesn’t have much to do with healthcare, when COVID-19 struck, In Aria! saw a business opportunity there. They’ve come up with a simple project that’d help fight COVID-19 at its worst peak: a solution to deliver COVID-19 tests to those that weren’t able to travel or just simply didn’t want to spread the deadly disease. 

Tight Deadline

Tight Deadline

When the number of COVID-19 infections started to double on a weekly basis, there was no time to lose. We needed to act fast and compromise on some factors of a fully-fledged product, such as the design process, prototyping, and user tests. We knew that the functionality was the essence of this project, so we focused on gathering client insight and information from the nurses who’d take part in the project as quickly as possible.

Many Moving Parts

We needed to be sure that we have proper geographical data and Italy-specific addresses to prevent long, exhausting, and unprofitable travels. The goal here was to create a network of nurses available within a certain radius.

The focus here was also put on travel optimization. A single nurse could perform tests on many patients during one trip if it was planned correctly. In Aria! has also partnered with a car rental company to provide extra vehicles for the nurses – this was another thing to keep in mind when delivering the solution.

A Viable Product

With WordPress written in our DNA, we knew that there is no faster way to deliver an MVP than with one of WP’s thousands of extensions. We decided to go for Bookly, one of the most versatile and universal booking solutions for WP with years of development and numerous businesses to support around the world.

That not only gave us the engine to run the product but also the base for its design since Bookly is well-equipped when it comes to UX due to hundreds of case studies. All that was left to do was adjusting the plugin to In Aria! needs.

The flow, business-wise, had a lot in common with what was already implemented in Bookly, we just needed to give it some work and extend it with the requested functionalities. We added an Italy-specific address form, developed the flow of nurse routes optimization, and polished the UX a bit to match the given branding.

All that, plus manual testing and instant communication throughout the development process, was done in a month! Impressive, isn’t it?

The Result

A full, working platform that answers a burning society issue with simple, optimized solutions.

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