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We’re Experts at Matchmaking Business Goals with Code

We know your struggles and challenges, because we’ve been in your shoes before — we have our own internal tools and products we’ve developed and marketed.


From one single guy with an idea to a company that unites more than 100 people that are crazy about technology — that’s how far we’ve come in the last 12 years. Our never ending thirst for new challenges keeps leading us towards new opportunities and ways to grow. See our journey for yourself:

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Power Elite Author: 47,000 Sold Products

Before venturing into the software development services, we were busy developing our own products that granted us the title of Power Elite Author on Envato. Most importantly, it brought us $1,000,000.00 USD in revenue, proving that our products were a resounding success.

WPKraken: WordPress Services

Once we noticed the demand for customized WordPress plugins, we rushed straight into action — we started offering WordPress–focused services under the name of WPKraken. For that purpose we needed internal software specifically meant for selling services, but since we couldn’t find an already existing software, we decided to create our own. It was the best decision we could have made — our product attracted the attention of many of our clients who wanted to implement similar bespoke software. This showed us the potential of sharing our product with the whole world and that’s how Zendo came to be — a better and polished version of WPKraken.

Zendo: Solving Real Problems

Zendo’s mission is to help teams sell and deliver services by providing an organized space that keeps every piece of information on the record. It helps save time, eliminates misunderstandings, upholds transparency, and introduces immediate payments. It’s an easy–to–use solution that doesn’t require complex onboardings and that keeps processes simplified. Because it was based on our own experience as a business, Zendo helps solve real problems that are common for companies like ours

The Software House: Helping Other Businesses Grow

This is how we’ve acquired something truly priceless: experience and insight into the business side of technology. Additionally, by joining arms with 50+ clients from 15 countries, our knowledge only continues to grow. This means that we understand the struggles of many businesses because we’ve been — and still are — in their shoes. We can easily empathize with them, grasp their circumstances better, and acknowledge the decisions and compromises they were forced to make. This is what makes working with us really special. You don’t gain a simple vendor who will do what you ask; you gain a trusted advisor who will help you grow long–term as a company, with a new shining product as a means to achieve that.

We basically rebuilt our core website product with MPC. They’re WordPress experts and our site’s based in WordPress and PHP. We’re about to launch our next generation product in May, which is largely attributed to their efforts. MPC provides a much better skill set at 30%–40% less than the cost per head in the US.

Michael Ferioli
VP of Engineering, Placester

Working Together

Work values



We like straightforward, honest communication while condemning empty promises and overstating capabilities. We believe only this way we can achieve true partnership — by truly working together and withholding nothing back.

Constant communication

We invite all clients into our communication channels to get 24/7 insight into current ongoings. Moreover, we can set up meetings at the frequency of your choosing — be it daily, weekly, monthly, or irregular.


We’re ready for any scenario — we anticipate everything that can go wrong thanks to thorough risk assessment. Additionally, thanks to gained flexibility, we can pivot at any time, make adjustments to the project, and come up with unusual solutions that would have been impossible in the waterfall model.


We encourage all our team members to have an ownership–like approach to their tasks, meaning higher independence, making their own decisions, and critical thinking. We’re not burdened by complicated internal processes that delay successful project delivery.

Sharing knowledge

We all strive towards excellence and accumulation of knowledge, which is a necessary quality in the fast–evolving IT industry. To keep up with the latest developments, we host internal workshops and grant each employee a training budget to do with as they wish.

Customer first

Every decision we make must serve our customers’ best interests. That’s why we’re not afraid to point out things we object to and challenge our clients. We want to be your trusted advisor you can depend on, and that means sharing our opinion straight up.

Our Successful Collaborations


I was blown away by the knowledge they had about website development and payment gateways, user experience, and optimization. We learned much more than we thought possible, and we appreciated that they were patient and thoughtful while we came up to speed. We have worked with other agencies for different areas of the company, but this was a particularly collaborative and positive experience. I will certainly engage with this company again for any website needs that we have in the future.

Emilio Burillo
Co-Founder, BeaverPal

The team at MPC are true rockstars when it comes to web design, development and delivering on time and on budget. They’ve made my previous experiences hiring agencies seem like amateur hour. I’d recommend them without hesitation.

Seth Price
VP of Product at Placester.com

Would I work with them again? Yes, and we have already engaged them for monthly support for all of our sites. We are currently consolidating our other web support vendors, which has increased our efficiency, decreased costs and now we have the pleasure of working with a firm that we really enjoy working with, understands our needs and demonstrates in every interaction, that our business is important to them!

Nicole Popovich
COO, Easy Legal Finance Inc.

We settled on MPC because they were a full-service shop. Not only were they able to quickly deliver top tier web design talent but they were able to create a team of experience
WordPress developers with the skills and expertise to make our intranet truly differentiated in the market.

Torsten Bierdel
Head of Marketing at ib vogt

MPC helped us to meet requirements and save money and time.

F. Suzuki
Managing Director at Vanilla Mall

I have worked with many website creators in the past, all whom I have had to part ways with. As none of them were able to implement my designs and vision for SHANE.

Shane Carslake

Our Software Development Services Were Chosen By +20 Businesses

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MPCharity: Helping Others in their Time of Need

The initiative we are most proud of is focused on helping people in disadvantaged situations. To this day, we’ve financially supported the Polish Humanitarian Action in Ukraine, Single Mother House, Shelter for Homeless Women, orphanages, Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour Monitoring Centre, and so much more. And we haven’t had enough yet!

Leader’s Academy: Honing Leaderships Skills

Communication, constructive feedback, building teamwork based on mutual trust and transparency — we know how important yet underappreciated all the soft skills are. That’s why we’ve created this space to cultivate them and make our leaders aware of the consequences of their actions, from their tone of voice to team and work management.

MPC Masters: Raising Qualifications

It’s no secret that MPC has many amazing specialists — that’s why we encourage them to share their knowledge with other people, even those in different fields and branches. We strongly believe that the way towards innovation and creativity lies in cross–interdisciplinary education, that’s why everyone is invited to these events.

Friday Coffee: Sharing Random Knowledge

Our thirst for knowledge never stops, even when faced with random trivia that resembles a wiki rabbit hole — from discussing Ben & Jerry’s success, dolphins’ hideous crimes, and snowboarding to providing first aid and baking bread. This is the place where anyone can train their oral and presentational skills while still sharing their interests.

Quarterly Gala: Better than the Oscars

The red carpet, priceless awards, and most incredible costumes (hey, remember that guy who turned up as a Tamagotchi?) — that’s how we can sum up the best event everyone is eagerly waiting for. Not only is it a great moment for everyone to strengthen their bonds, but to also show appreciation for our amazing teammates via nominations.

People Responsible For Your Success

Kuba Gaj
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Grzegorz Palonek
Co-Owner & CTO
Sylwia Pałaczanis–Langier
Human Resources and Payroll Manager
Aleksandra Kurek
Human Resources Business Partner
Karol Piekarski
Engineering Manager & Head of Laravel
avatar_placeholder_ aboutus
Wojtek Skrzek
Head of Vue.js
Malwina Pakuła
Head of Design
Mateusz Kościelak
Head of Marketing
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Bartosz Cholewa
Engineering Manager
Adrian Wencel
Engineering Team Leader
Mateusz Wcisło
Lead Product Manager
Patryk Górnik
Lead Designer

Want to meet us in person? Come to our office!

Our brand new office clearly reflects who we are as a company. It combines work with fun, encourages collaboration, and allows one to find a moment of peace even during the busiest of days with its myriad nooks and crannies.


It’s also the perfect space for official meetings, big and small alike, as well as workshops and trainings. And it’s not just us who say so — our office was lauded by such magazines like The Art of the Interior (Sztuka Wnętrza) or Business Architecture (Architektura Biznesu).

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