Pixel Creation Done Right

  • user-oriented design
  • mobile-first approach
  • web development as a product (Dev, QA, PM)
  • making your idea happen
  • Angular
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • WordPress
  • QA processes automation
  • quality standards as a guideline for development
  • stress-testing, pen testing & exploratory testing
  • Cypress
  • Selenium
  • creativity with analytics in mind
  • full-time iterating & feedback loops
  • delivering your idea as a complete product (UX, UI, Dev, QA)
  • branding & visual identification
  • Adobe
  • Figma
  • Invision
  • Sketch
  • scalable environments
  • fail-safe server solutions
  • cost-efficient infrastructure
  • hack-proof web security
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Prometheus
  • skilled professionalists at your service
  • MPC’s own integrated, up-to-speed team
  • offshoring services
  • flexible extensions for your team
  • Clockify
  • Git
  • Jira

It all starts with an idea... But what’s next?


Client Idea

Let’s start by hearing you out. You present your ideas and goals so we could help you shape their scope and specifications. Once we come up with a solution, MPC translates your idea to a set of objectives and tasks. This way, we both have a better understanding of business processes and a clear overview of the workflow.
Client Idea

Kick Off

Time to get into details of our cooperation. Before we start developing your idea, it's worth planning our work. Let’s decide on milestones, establish communication and set up multiple points of contact. We'll take a final look at your business perspective and introduce our team to you. It's also the time for quality assurance officers to start analyzing future specifications.
Kick Off

Wireframes & Design

In this step, we'll gather your benchmarks and inspirations to make sure we fully understand each other. Then we'll show you wireframes to illustrate your business idea and discuss it. Finally, the design team will be ready to work on user-tested layouts. At this stage, it's important to set up feedback loops. By frequent iterating, we double-check if our ideas reflect current market trends and your needs.
Wireframes & Design

Development & QA

The development team works side by side with designers, using agile methodology to meet your objectives. We write the code with your business in mind at all times, making sure you take part in our decisions and giving you space to discuss the details. We also run quality assurance processes, including use cases, traffic and stress-testing. Then we share a test environment with you, so you could see real-life scenarios before releasing your product.
Development & QA

Project Launch

It’s time to open that champagne and celebrate the hard work! We cooperate with you on releasing a full, working product and support the entire deployment process. While you start feeling the wind in your sails and meet new, exciting opportunities, we help you analyze the first market reactions.
Project Launch

Maintenance & Further Dev

As time passes, your product meets new market opportunities or a new type of client. You might find out there's a need to adjust it to the current scene. If you need more help, you can get an extra maintenance service or move your project to the next stage, introducing updates and extensions as needed. Perhaps you should even consider a pivot?
Maintenance & Further Dev

When working with us, you get the most out of web development

  1. 01

    Agile approach

    We use Scrum and Kanban methodologies for maximum flexibility. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so we deliver working software as frequently as possible. We try to live by Agile Manifesto rules, focusing on transparency and efficiency.
  2. 02

    Broad experience

    Apart from a variety of products for numerous clients, we've worked on our own. Our portfolio features booking systems, stores, listings, and many others. We're also experienced in terms of legacy code and legacy software.
  3. 03

    Flexible with technology

    Laravel, WordPress, React Native and Node.js are our strong suits. We also have a team of Cloud experts to support your product. Our team can match the right technology for your needs and go through the project. We also love to broaden our horizons by learning new methods and techniques.
  4. 04

    Team scalability

    We have a growing team of over 50 specialists covering a wide range of skills. Thanks to that, we’re able to give you as many or as few professionals as you need according to your current requirements.
  5. 05


    We aim to hire professionals that represent t-shaped skillset. This helps us boost team self-sufficiency and agility. When everyone knows a bit of everything and is a master at something, we can bring you better results faster.

Recent work


Nicole Popovich

“Would I work with them again? Yes, and we have already engaged them for monthly support for all of our sites. We are currently consolidating our other web support vendors, which has increased our efficiency, decreased costs and now we have the pleasure of working with a firm that we really enjoy working with, who understands our needs and demonstrates in every interaction, that our business is important to them! ”
Nicole Popovich
Nicole Popovich COO of Easy Legal Finance Inc.

Torsten Bierdel

“We settled on MPC because they were a full-service shop. Not only were they able to quickly deliver top tier web design talent but they were able to create a team of experience WordPress developers with the skills and expertise to make our intranet truly differentiated in the market. ”
Torsten Bierdel
Torsten Bierdel Head of Marketing at ib vogt

Shane Carslake

“I have worked with many website creators in the past, all whom I have had to part ways with.  As none of them were able to implement my designs and vision for SHANE to the detail and high level of quality that I expect, until my partnership with MPC. I have been very pleased thus far, and I know we have a big future together, bringing the site to the next level. ”
Shane Carslake
Shane Carslake CEO of SHANE

Seth Price

“The team at MPC are true rockstars when it comes to web design, development and delivering on time and on budget. They’ve made my previous experiences hiring agencies seem like amateur hour. I’d recommend them without hesitation. ”
Seth Price
Seth Price VP of Product at Placester.com

F. Suzuki

“MPC helped us to meet requirements and save money and time. ”
F. Suzuki
F. Suzuki Managing Director at Vanilla Mall

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