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Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that forever changed the game for Laravel web developers. By introducing an elegant and simple syntax, along with many built-in features that ease the most troublesome tasks, Laravel managed to make PHP fun again.

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Laravel Web Development Services

High-end security

The Laravel framework comes with powerful safety measures that will protect your mission-critical web applications on all fronts. SQL Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Cross-Site Scripting Protection, and any other security breaches won’t stand a chance against Laravel. Even your cookies will be safe from harm.

MVC Architecture

Because the Model–View–Controller pattern makes it possible for many Laravel developers to work on the same project simultaneously, the development process becomes blazing–fast. Additionally, due to the separation of concerns, the code is cleaner and performance more effective.


Due to a high level of automation, your experienced Laravel developers can focus on the most challenging tasks instead of the repetitive, boring ones, saving you immense amounts of time. Add to that automated testing and your custom project will be finished in no time at all!

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

Laravel made working with your database a breeze by implementing its own fast Object–Relational Mapper, Eloquent. Thanks to it, all the queries are highly readable, data entry and manipulation are simple, and defining relationships among entities is painless. Add to that optimized and automated processes and you can expect a much more efficient web app development experience.

Blade Template Engine

This feature will ease the pain of creating simple and lightweight templates with zero overhead and preserved performance while still making attractive layouts possible. At the same time, your code will stay clean, short, and DRY, with an option to write in pure PHP.

Artisan CLI

Laravel’s Command Line Interface improves the development experience by leaps and bounds. With simple syntax and a nice solution to handling recurring tasks, you save time and money spent on your web applications while getting your product ready for release fast.

What Can Our Laravel Developers Do For You?

Laravel Web Application Development

Laravel Data Migration Solutions

Laravel Enterprise Solutions

Laravel Custom Package Development

Laravel eCommerce Development

Laravel CRM Development

Laravel CMS Development

Laravel ERP System Development

Laravel Cloud Development

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Our Business Approach as a Laravel Development Company

With MPC, you can rest assured that all decisions related to code are a reflection of your business goals. It’s a result of our strong emphasis on communication and thorough workshops that lead us to a comprehensive understanding of your circumstances. Because of that, we can engineer the best solutions to your problems.

Why Should You Outsource Laravel Development to Us?

Before being a laravel development company, we were — and still are — a successful business. This extensive hands-on experience grants us a much broader perspective that goes well beyond code, being able to measure proposed solutions in a monetizing capacity.

Let’s Get Down To Business

At MPC, we believe that communication and understanding are key aspects of every project. Without these two core components, no connection could possibly exist. Through our MPC workshops, we make sure we understand your business needs, goals, and circumstances. Once we do, our engineers will do their best to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

Why MPC?

Our Laravel development company has been on the market for quite some time already. With years of experience in building Laravel web apps, also came the knowledge. We have successfully completed many projects for our clients, leaving them satisfied with our service. These companies include but are not limited to SHANE, Eminus, Durasein, or Ib Vogt. With years of experience, our expertise grew as well. Still not sure? Check out our Dribbble profile!

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We Have Been Appreciated By Different Companies

Clutch, Awwwards, or DesignRush have appreciated our skill, knowledge, and hard work and included MPC on their top Laravel development company ranking! We are honored and proud to be included in these rankings. Appreciation drives us towards even more projects that will prove our worth yet again!

Excellent Process

We believe that direct communication between you and our Laravel programmers is one of the core aspects of mutual understanding. We keep our clients up to date with everything that’s going on with the project. Project status? Check. Full contact with the Laravel development team? Check. With us, you won’t be left in the dark.

Quality Is Our Priority

A thorough and detailed Quality Assurance process is in our nature. At MPC, we believe that there is no product without a proper quality process. Our QAs do their best to patiently plan, implement, evaluate, and review each and every piece of the product that they put their hands on. And they are with you from day one! Just like our expert Laravel developers, they need to know what’s going on in the project to avoid any issues and misunderstandings.

Meet MPC

We Love Feedback

Our colleagues at MPC love feedback. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new guy at our company, or if you’ve been here for quite a while already, we all believe that feedback influences success.

Communication Is The Key

Efficient communication is one of our core principles and it shows even during interviews. We ask our candidates about their feelings on communication, as we believe that a successful company requires a successful flow of information.

Agile Is In Our Blood

Constant self-improvement, self-organization, the already mentioned efficient communication, and many other Agile methodology practices are the daily life for our in-house team. We do our best to follow the finest practices not only for ourselves but also for our clients.


Laravel web application development is definitely not a piece of cake, but being a software and Laravel development company we strive to be the best at what we do. The constant growth of already known technologies, like Laravel framework, learning new ones, or honing our technical skills – that’s our passion.

Laravel application development company at your service!

Laravel Development Process With Massive Pixel Creation

At MPC, we put emphasis on client communication and transparency so you can feel confident about your product at every stage of development.


Client Idea

Sales, Solution Architect
1 week

Regardless of how advanced your idea and your goal is, our team will help you shape the product’s scope and its specifications. This will give both sides a better perception of the solution and set a clear path towards the final outcome.


Product Workshop

Project Manager, Product Designer, Solution Architect, Software Developer
1 week

The goal of a personalized product workshop is to develop the idea even further, build a roadmap for the product, and create wireframes and canvas for the development team. Massive Pixel Creation relies on a mix of trusted methods to make sure everyone stays on the same page. We also use tools such as Value Proposition Canvas to take the product to the highest level, business-wise.



Project Manager, Product Designer, Software Developer, QA
1 week

Usually, we start a setup sprint while the design team works on the visual aspect of the product. This is done to bypass potential holdups at a later stage and to cut down on redundant work: the design team has time to work on visuals that developers will base on, while the tech team can set up the necessary environment and infrastructure. At this point, we will also meet you for the first refinement and agree on the technical scope for the product.



Project Manager, Product Designer, Software Developer, QA
1 week

Your project is now at full speed and you should feel right in the middle of it. Massive Pixel Creation teams use scrum processes to ensure transparency. Daily meetings, updates, and reviews keep you in the loop, and you’re free to reach your development team via Slack or a call anytime you wish to. Each period of work, called sprint, ends with a release to staging or production – this way, you’ll see how your product grows.



Developers, QA’s
1 week

When your product goes live, the development team will decrease and regroup to focus on new challenges. We’ll take some time to observe how actual users interact with the product and look for things to fix or improve.


Support & Maintenance

1 week

Upon request, MPC offers extra support and product maintenance after the stabilization stage. If needed, this stage might be the step towards future development.

About Us

MPC is a Laravel development company, offering a broad range of services, among them Laravel web development services. With us, you can rest assured that your product is in good hands, as proven by reviews posted on Clutch. Our high reviews stem from upholding transparent, honest communication, and Agile practices that have yet to leave


great projects worldwide


years working on our products


years as a software house


people on board

Placester Codeless

An advanced, yet simple tool to create real estate websites with a modern, personal feel.

“The team at MPC are true rockstars when it comes to web design, development and delivering on time and on budget. They’ve made my previous experiences hiring agencies seem like amateur hour. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Seth Price

VP of Product at

Other Work


A tailor-made intranet made for bringing teams together, hassle-free.


An advanced E-commerce management tool that could erase that stress wrinkles.

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Laravel Development: Frequently Asked Questions

In case it’s your first time dealing with the Laravel framework, read these frequently asked questions to learn all the most important bits about this technology. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Laravel is a popular PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It’s an open-source, simple and elegant solution to building web apps that forever changed the development experience for developers by easing the most troublesome, repetitive tasks. It’s also well–known for its rich, helpful community and extensive support.

Laravel is a versatile framework that offers many possibilities, from building user–friendly web applications to content management systems, personal music streaming servers, rapid API generator tools, and many more. 

Laravel, besides having many superior features that enable high–quality UI design and enhanced functionalities, also offers the highest security standards. Because of that, you can trust your Laravel applications to be perfectly secure, allowing you to host sensitive information.

It is — Laravel offers many shortcuts and high–levels of automation in order to make the development process a breeze. It also helps that Laravel has a Model–View–Controller architectural pattern, allowing talented developers to work on three different parts of your project simultaneously.

Laravel is actually a backend framework, but its built-in tools enable the creation of typical frontend features like form validation, pagination, or dynamic queries. That’s why many Laravel development companies use this technology for full–stack apps.

As a Laravel web development company, we offer a wide range of services related to this technology. Some of them are:


  • Laravel Custom Package Development
  • Laravel Web Development Services
  • Laravel Website Development
  • Laravel Web Application Development Services
  • Laravel eCommerce Development
  • Laravel Software Development
  • Custom Laravel Development
  • Laravel Enterprise Application Development
  • Laravel Extension Development
  • Laravel Cloud Development
  • Laravel API Development
  • Laravel Module & Package Development


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