Action Trackchair needed help in getting rid of obsolete processes dominated by manual work and email. See what modern solutions we’ve implemented to change that!


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The Company

Action Trackchair is the leading manufacturer of all-terrain wheelchairs, which help empower people with mobility impairments to lead active lifestyles — be it from working on a ranch to fishing in the middle of winter. All their electric wheelchairs are custom-made to suit individual needs and preferences, from color schemes to toolholders and various support for specific body parts. Due to this variety, self-sufficiency and independence can be achieved easier than ever, no matter where and how you live.

Technology Stack


The Problem

Because of how individual — not to mention, complex — each order can get, the clients need a quick and convenient way to ensure that all their requirements are being met, along with a clear understanding of all the options and how much they cost. To make it as easy as possible, ATC introduced a convenient configurator that took us step–by–step through the whole process. So what was the problem?

It was found on the dealers’ side. ATC, as a sole manufacturer, doesn’t handle the orders directly; instead, it has a wide net of dealers all over the world who become the first point of contact with the clients, who, by providing their zip code, get in touch with the nearest dealer, who managed their order from then on.

And the management was rather tricky. First, the configurator itself wasn’t connected to any sort of system. This meant that the dealers needed to upload all the information manually, which not only took time but was also prone to mistakes.

Moreover, it needed to be continuously updated and checked over many times, and while spreadsheets can bring joy to many people, they stop being enough once your database grows exponentially.

Dealing with invoices wasn’t any better. Everything was handled through email, which is an easy, yet rather chaotic solution; many messages get lost in the flood, it’s hard to keep track of threads of conversations, and if you need to find any information from a while back — well, good luck with that!

Last but not least, the company suffered from the lack of streamlined processes that could unify the work of all the dealers, no matter where they were located. Improving the communication between customers, dealers, and the production department was also of great importance.


The Solution

Budget: 50,000 – 100,000 USD

Time: 2 months for MVP

Tech stack: Laravel + Vue + Inertia + Tailwind CSS

Methodology: Agile


  • Project Manager,
  • 2 Fullstack Developers,
  • 1 Frontend Developer

After eight weeks of work, we’ve built a simple yet scalable application resembling a custom CRM and an Order Management & Communication System along with a wheelchair configurator page.


The Configurator Page


Before enlisting MPC for help, ATC struggled with the configurator that wasn’t integrated with the application. In result, all the information filled out by the clients had to be manually transcribed into the app, lengthening the whole process and leading to mistakes. In order to fix that, we’ve integrated the configurator page with the application, so that the data is immediately saved.


Previously, the configurator was made of several pages the client had to click through. Taking it as a relic of the old times, we made everything fit on just one page, so that the clients can really think through their options, have access to all the information in one place, and see the full picture.

Along the way, we’ve refreshed the overall look to make it coherent with the new design that graced ATC’s main website.

The Application

It wasn’t only necessary to integrate the configurator page with the application, but also with the factory, so that the communication between all three parties — ATC, dealers, and the factory — could be improved. Unfortunately, due to the factory’s old systems and the lack of appropriate APIs, the integration isn’t direct. But we still managed to improve the processes by eliminating the manual work as much as possible. Moreover, this solution was more inline with the client’s budget.


Biggest changes:

  • Leads go straight to the Dealer Portal with no need for proxy,
  • Each lead & order have their own conversation threads and history of changes,
  • Roles are auto-assigned by default,
  • Statuses are semi-automated (triggered by file upload),
  • All the documents go to the application which can be accessed by all parties.



  • No need for transcribing order information,
  • One source of truth for all parties,
  • Reducing back-and-forth between parties,
  • Eliminating the need for using email entirely,
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks,
  • Improved flow of information that leaves no room for misunderstandings.

The Outcome

24,600 USD Saved a Year

Time is money — in this case, literally. Automation helped save time of all the employees and partners, allowing them to turn towards more pressing and fruitful matters. In the end, 2200 USD a month in labor costs as well as reduction of entry errors could be saved.

“Since implementation of the application, we have seen a dramatic increase in efficiencies throughout our organization. This application allows our team to move away from many mundane, day to day tasks and be much more proactive and strategic for the future.”

— Kade Lee, Sales And Marketing Manager at Action Trackchair


Continued Collaboration

Because of the successful completion of the project and our client’s satisfaction, we’ve decided to continue our partnership in order to expand the application and implement many new functionalities that will bring similarly outstanding results. We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity and look forward to the next project.

“We really enjoyed working with Massive Pixel Creation. The experience from introduction through completion was smooth and easy. Their ability to communicate leaves minimal room for surprises. We are very happy with the outcome of the project and plan to continue working with them in the future.”

— Kade Lee, Sales And Marketing Manager at Action Trackchair


24,600 USD saved a year thanks to semi-automation and streamlined processes.



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