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What is Angular?

Angular development services are still on the rise, despite the years that have passed. What is it, though? Angular is one of the most frequently used web development frameworks that allow developers to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Single-Page Applications (SPA), Enterprise Web Apps, as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems! Based on TypeScript and released in 2016 by Google, Angular is an open-source and fully free framework that’s maintained by the company to this day! And that is what we operate on. Do not mistake it for AngularJS, though, as it’s a different framework (more on that subject can be found below).

What makes this web development framework so special? There are many factors to that, with the most important ones being scalability, Google support, data binding, good and detailed documentation, and flexibility. Even such tech giants like Samsung, Santander, PayPal, Forbes, and Gmail use Angular in their products.


I have worked with many website creators in the past, all whom I have had to part ways with. As none of them were able to implement my designs and vision for SHANE.

Shane Carslake

Why Should You Use Angular in Web Development?


Angular’s code is predictable. That means it’s easy to read and consistent, which allows different teams to work on it simultaneously.

Google support

Since Angular is Google’s framework, it’s heavily supported by the company with constant updates and new releases.

Detailed documentation

Angular comes with extensive and easy-to-read documentation, covering all aspects of the framework. That fact alone makes Angular worth taking into consideration.


The framework features a reusable code that can be applied across different projects. You can both save time and keep more money in your pocket.

High performance

Thanks to server-side rendering, Web Workers, and Web Platform, Angular can achieve high performance.

Trusted by companies and the community

Many giants in the industry use Angular in their projects. Similarly, plenty of developers use the framework in their work and support it.

What More Can You Expect?

Angular’s Ecosystem

Be it a library or a solution, Angular supports plenty of both. Along with the active and supportive community, and out-of-the-box development tools, the framework can deliver outstanding applications while at the same time contributing to faster app development.

Fewer Bugs, Fewer Problems

Angular is designed to get rid of quite a lot of bugs by allowing software developers a choice of different tools. Due to support for many tools, Angular’s code is often receiving fewer bugs and better overall security.


Angular features a modular development structure and lazy loading. The former means that scaling the application becomes much easier, while the latter means that the module gets downloaded only when the user has a need for it. These two things definitely make the development process much less stressful and easier.

Mobile Apps? Mobile Apps!

With Angular, you are not only limited to developing web applications, progressive web apps, or SPAs, but you can also build mobile or hybrid apps! There are really a lot of possibilities that you can take advantage of with the help of Angular.


The framework in question allows developers to create server-side applications. On the contrary to client-side web apps, SSR applications can greatly improve the performance of your website along with its visibility in SERP (search engine result pages). After all, better SERP visibility equals more impressions and more potential customers.

Google’s Tool

Since Angular is Google’s framework, you can rest assured that the support for Angular will keep on delivering updates in a timely fashion. What’s more, Angular developers can take a breath and relax because the framework’s ever-growing community will likely be there if you need any additional help.

Reusable Code

Angular eliminates the necessity of writing the code from scratch on multiple occasions. Simply write the code once and use it across different applications, whether they’re progressive web applications, SPAs, ERSs, or mobiles – the world is yours.


Thanks to TypeScript, Angular can handle more than ever before. With a clean, predictable, and understandable code, the framework can work on larger codebases, contrary to its JavaScript predecessor. Moreover, using TypeScript also contributes to higher performance and faster development.

MEAN Stack

Developing web applications becomes much more when using the MEAN stack. What is it, though? MEAN stack (MongoDB-Express.js-Angular-Node.js) is actually an open-source JavaScript software stack. What’s more – it’s free! MEAN stack features plenty of advantages, like the ability to create back- or front-end apps, open-source components, cloud compatibility, the use of JSON, simplicity, and a lot more!

Is Outsourcing A Good Solution?

Outsourcing has become quite a hot topic in recent years and it keeps on gaining momentum. Taking that into consideration, we should ask a question – when is outsourcing a good solution? There are many factors to consider so let’s dive into them right now.

Different projects require different roles and resources. Let’s say that you came up with a fantastic idea and you need the Angular team to bring it to life. Looking for skilled professionals these days may require some time as the lack of IT developers is a common issue. 

Let’s Get Down To Business

At MPC, we believe that communication and understanding are key aspects of every project. Without these two core components, no connection could possibly exist. Through our MPC workshops, we make sure we understand your business needs, goals, and circumstances. Once we do, our engineers will do their best to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

Why MPC?

Our company has been on the market for quite some time already. With years of experience in web app development, also came the knowledge. We have successfully completed many projects for our clients, leaving them satisfied with our service. These companies include but are not limited to SHANE, Eminus, Durasein, or Ib Vogt. With years of experience, our expertise grew as well. Still not sure? Check out our Dribbble profile!

Angular Development Services With Massive Pixel Creation

Why MPC?

We Have Been Appreciated By Different Companies

Clutch, Awwwards, or DesignRush have appreciated our skill, knowledge, and hard work and included MPC on their best software houses ranking! We are honored and proud to be included in these rankings. Appreciation drives us towards even more projects that will prove our worth yet again!

Excellent Process

We believe that direct communication between you and our developers is one of the core aspects of mutual understanding. We keep our clients up to date with everything that’s going on with the project. Project status? Check. Full contact with the development team? Check. With us, you won’t be left in the dark.

Quality Is Our Priority

A thorough and detailed Quality Assurance process is in our nature. At MPC, we believe that there is no product without a proper quality process. Our QA’s do their best to patiently plan, implement, evaluate, and review each and every piece of the product that they put their hands on. And they are with you from day one! Just like developers, they need to know what’s going on in the project to avoid any issues and misunderstandings.

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We Love Feedback

Our colleagues at MPC love feedback. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new guy at our company, or if you’ve been here for quite a while already, we all believe that feedback influences success.

Communication Is The Key

Efficient communication is one of our core principles and it shows even during interviews. We ask our candidates about their feelings on communication, as we believe that a successful company requires a successful flow.

We Live and Breathe Agile Methodology

Constant self-improvement, self-organization, the already mentioned efficient communication, and many other Agile principles are essential parts of our team


Web application development is definitely not a piece of cake, but being a software and Angular development company we strive to be the best at what we do. The constant growth of already known technologies, like Angular framework, learning new ones, or honing our technical skills – that’s our passion.

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