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Our values help us strive towards excellence


Customer First

Every decision we make must serve our customers’ best interests. That’s why we’re not afraid to point out things we object to and challenge our clients. We want to be your trusted advisor you can depend on, and that means sharing our opinion straight up.


Sharing Knowledge

We’re hardcore enthusiasts who love the work we do, that’s why gaining knowledge is not an expectation — it’s a given. But we don’t stop at that; we love to share what we know with each other via workshops and lectures, or by adding books to our library.


Be Human & Respectful

No matter the role or seniority, there’s no room for arrogance or privileges. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts without the fear of being judged. We respect each other’s time and responsibilities while upholding a friendly atmosphere.

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Ownership Not Leadership

We encourage taking initiative, proposing improvements, and seeking better ways of achieving their goals. At the same time, we give them full responsibility for their tasks, trusting them to work in the company’s best interest while polishing their soft skills.



We glorify honest, direct communication that leaves no room for misunderstandings, as well as being clear on our expectations, capabilities, concerns, and needs. Because of that, everyone is on the same page and our issues are resolved before they can take root.


Have Fun

In order to take care of each other’s well–being, we do our best to uphold a good atmosphere and enjoy our time together, be it by taking part in Snooker Championships, yowling during Karaoke, or simply bonding over delicious cakes and memes.

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Katowice, Poland

+48 516 711 852

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