Expanding Your Team
The Right Way

  • Skilled professionals at your service

    Finding a good developer can be a massive headache. So why force yourself into it and spending money on painkillers later if you can avoid it altogether? We offer you a wide range of skilled and talented specialists available right when you need them. This means no job ads, no recruitment websites and no time wasted on interviews or paperwork. Just going straight to business.

  • MPC’s own, up-to-speed team

    We don’t serve as a hiring agency picking random people to do important tasks. MPC gives you its own best employees so you can focus on your project without worrying about people staffing it. These people have been battle-tested and worked together on many products. They’re all skilled professionals proven to be fast learners dedicated to their job.

  • Integrated offshoring services

    MPC offers specialists to cover the entire process of creating software: Front-end & Back-end Developers, Full-stack Developers, UI & UX Designers, Quality Assurance Officers, DevOps Engineers, Project Managers. Our teams serve as cross-functional organisms built with a t-shape model in mind. Each of our specialists is an virtuoso in their domain, but also has knowledge in other software development areas. Your offshore team will be backed by a big in-house squad ready to consult and share its knowledge.

  • Flexible extensions for your team

    Your software is scalable, so why can’t your team be? With the market changing faster than ever, it seems the only reasonable solution. Staff augmentation helps you grasp every exciting business opportunity you’d otherwise have to miss. After all, a race is often won by the most clever ones, not the strongest. Simple, but brilliant means of upgrading your resources can put you way ahead of your competition.

Technology Stack

  • Clockify
  • Git
  • Jira

It all starts with an idea... But what’s next?


Client request

Let’s start by hearing you out. You identify your requirements and goals so we could help you shape their scope and specifications. An experienced Account Manager will help you decide on steps you should take to deliver the best possible results. From one extra developer to an entire cross-functional team, we can boost your in-house team’s skills quickly and efficiently. If you feel like you need more help than that, our team is there for you.
Client request


We select professionals who’d best meet your requirements and blend seamlessly with your team. To make sure you get the best selection, we support our picks with resumes and candidates' experience profiles.

Kick off

After assembling your own superheroes team, it's time to kick-start the project. We set up communication channels and introduce the team extension to your in-house employees. We use Jira, Clockify and Slack to improve communication and transparency. We also assign a Project Manager who will help you build a productive relationship with your new superheroes.
Kick off


Your team extension works with a battle-tested set of tools to give you a full insight into the project. MPC takes full care of your augmented staff, from equipment and internet connection to setting up a friendly workspace and a selection of benefits.

Recent work

A hassle-free website builder for real estate agents

A hassle-free website builder for real estate agents

Placester, an experienced player in the world of real estate, has completely revamped the way agents create and nurture their brands online. See how they upgraded their product to meet the current business needs and stay ahead of the competition.
Tailor-made intranet solution

Tailor-made intranet solution

With employees spread out across the globe, ib vogt needed a custom-made solution to bring a sense of unity to the team and share vital information in a smooth, transparent manner. See how MPC built a product tailored to improve communication, training, announcements, and much more.

Get a tailor-made product that works wonders for you and your clients.

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