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Quality Assurance

  • Quality as a principle

    Our QA officers are involved in your product since Day 1. Starting with business analysis procedures, they contribute to its final shape before a single line of code is even written. They’re skilled and qualified experts at finding weak points and missing paths. Working hand in hand with designers and developers, our QA team iterates the result of each sprint to make sure we provide you with the best results. Per your request, after the product is complete, QA team can provide you with more detailed reports.

  • Automated QA processes

    By automating QA processes we save time spent on long-term projects. Our specialists prepare testing scenarios possible to run on automated basis. MPC engineers also run automatized stress tests to check your product durability. Automated tests basically live with the project and follow it as the product evolves.

  • A variety of tests to provide the best results

    Each of our QA specialists is a master of their trade. We hire engineers excelling in different areas. Thanks to that we’re able to focus on different types of quality assessment and take a step beyond manual testing of use cases. We do non-functional testing such as stress and pen testing. Also, we run web security audits to recommend security measures according to best practices.

  • Focusing on quality

    We believe a product should be shaped with quality in mind from the very first draft. At MPC, quality is a value shared by everyone. Our devs run unit, API and integration tests; we also use Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development procedures according to best practices. MPC perceives quality not as a phase of the process, but its overall theme.

Technology Stack

  • Cypress
  • Selenium

It all starts with an idea... But what’s next?


Business analysis

Let’s start by hearing you out. You present your ideas and goals so we could help you shape their scope and specifications. The more benchmarks and other examples of logic behind your product you’ll share with us, the better we’ll understand how you want your product to work. Don't hesitate to tell us who'll use your product and how? What's their position? Which features will they use?
Business analysis

Developing use cases

Our team will translate your requirements into our feature map, your stakeholders into users and, finally, your business goals into product specification. In this process we'll establish guidelines that are workable for devs and understandable for you.
Developing use cases


It's time for experienced QA specialists to start working on your product. Our team tests every single release by using multiple browsers, devices and operating systems. MPC engineers focus not only on the excellence of the product itself, but also on the quality of the process leading to it. They're the ones to make sure you're always on the same page with everybody.

Automated testing

When your product is in the final stage and all the expected features are running smoothly, you may feel the need to develop it further. To cut the time spent on extra testing, we perform automated tests such as stress and end-to-end tests. By doing so, we make sure you meet your business goals fast, but with minimal risk.
Automated testing

Recent work

White-label Staff Augmentation

White-label Staff Augmentation

There’s not much we can tell you, but one thing is clear - we’ve successfully partnered with another team of digital specialists to deliver top-notch solutions for a huge crowd all over the world.

Get a tailor-made product that works wonders for you and your clients.

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