Who do we look for


When we think of Superman, we usually see the laser-eyed, fast-as-lightning guy who clearly misunderstands the concept of underwear. But many forget about his alter-ego: Clark Kent, who’s a calm and shy guy, but also a damn good reporter.


At MPC you won’t need to use your laser-eyes (yeah, it would be cool, but we like our office undamaged),

but still, you’ll have a chance to leverage your excellent writing skills on a daily basis.

Does creating witty, mostly IT or Real Estate -related content  sound interesting to you? Hopefully! As we’re searching for someone who’ll accept this challenge.

Hey, Supe... Clark! If you're reading this, we need you!

What do you need

Are you independent, creative, and self-reliant? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we’re halfway there! But unfortunately, since life’s not so beautiful, we have some extra requirements as well:

  • Passion for the written word
  • At least C1 English
  • Never-ending supply of creativity
  • At least basic SEO knowledge
  • Strong research skills
  • Knowledge of the 10X Content strategy will be an advantage


  • 2000 PLN/Year for Your Growth
  • Office Library
  • Online Courses at Udemy, Tuts+ and More
  • English Classes During Work Time
  • Height Adjustable Standing & Fully Equipped Desks
  • Flexible Hours
  • Best Coffee in Town
  • Chillout Space
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Annual Leave for B2B
  • MultiSport
  • Relocation Package
  • Medical Care & Insurance
  • Fruits, Nuts & Cereal
  • Quaterly Bonus for Best of the Best
  • Pet-friendly Office
  • Office Parties & Outings
  • Home Office Options
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How to get started?

  • 01

    Let’s talk

    If we’re interested, we won’t ghost you. Our team will email or call you asap.

  • 02

    Show us you’re capable

    You and us both need to be sure this is the right direction, so work your magic with a task we give you. Challenge accepted?

  • 03

    Let’s meet

    You know what we want. Now it’s time to hear your thoughts.

  • 04

    You hear back from us

    Regardless of our decision, we’ll let you know what we loved about you. If we discover we can’t function without you anymore, you’ll get a detailed offer to consider.

Are you ready to join us?

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