Who do we look for


Ever heard of Lucius Fox (hint: played by Morgan Freeman in “The Dark Knight”)? Our CEO and his Robin are fighting crime on the rooftops, so we’re in dire need of someone like Lucius – calm, adaptive, always ready and with a good sense of humor.

Alright, the last one wasn’t really Lucius’ perk, but in MPC it is a must-have.

In Wayne Enter- We mean in MPC you’ll be responsible for smooth project flow, valuations, and work organization. Sometimes it will be necessary for you to throw a joke or two 😉

Your role will be to deliver client end-to-end experience with MPC. This includes managing clients’ quotes for smaller tasks, creating specifications based upon clients’ information, facilitating estimations, and then coordinating the delivery of our development and QA team.

What do you need

Are you motivated, ambitious, and a people person? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we’re halfway there! But unfortunately, since life’s not so beautiful, we have some extra requirements as well.

  • Fluent spoken & written English
  • Familiarity with Microsoft and/or Google Office package
  • Previous experience with business clients/general client service
  • High level of self-organization & ownership attitude
  • Knowledge of Agile and or Scrum - nice to have
  • Basic knowledge of IT project areas like Quality Assurance, Development and Design will be an advantage
  • Previous experience with any Project Management or Ticketing system will be an advantage, i.e. JIRA, Asana, Zendesk, Freshdesk etc.


  • 2000 PLN/Year for Your Growth
  • Office Library
  • Online Courses at Udemy, Tuts+ and More
  • English Classes During Work Time
  • Height Adjustable Standing & Fully Equipped Desks
  • Flexible Hours
  • Best Coffee in Town
  • Chillout Space
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Annual Leave for B2B
  • MultiSport
  • Relocation Package
  • Medical Care & Insurance
  • Fruits, Nuts & Cereal
  • Quaterly Bonus for Best of the Best
  • Pet-friendly Office
  • Office Parties & Outings
  • Home Office Options
01 / 03

How to get started?

  • 01

    Let’s talk

    If we’re interested, we won’t ghost you. Our team will email or call you asap.

  • 02

    Show us you’re capable

    You and us both need to be sure this is the right direction, so work your magic with a task we give you. Challenge accepted?

  • 03

    Let’s meet

    You know what we want. Now it’s time to hear your thoughts.

  • 04

    You hear back from us

    Regardless of our decision, we’ll let you know what we loved about you. If we discover we can’t function without you anymore, you’ll get a detailed offer to consider.

Are you ready to join us?

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