White-label is a term used to describe many practices in numerous industries, from marketing to luxurious beauty brands. In essence, it means forfeiting the right to claim a product (or its part) as your own and instead rebranding it to make it appear as if manufactured by another company. It’s a mechanism that lies close to the process of ghostwriting in the book publishing industry.

For IT purposes, white-label is the procedure of developing software by a team of experts and then delivering it to a company who lacks the time, resources, or knowledge to build a product from scratch.

And that’s what we’re doing for our partner.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our partner is a Germany-based team of software development experts delivering advanced, interactive solutions to big tech companies with over 1,000 employees worldwide. In 2020, they realized that they lack resources to finish an extremely time-sensitive project for an important customer.

To solve this problem, they’ve decided to turn to staff augmentation and find a third-party company that could provide experienced developers with excellent work ethic and the advanced tech skills needed to run the job. The catch? It all had to be done in a month, which made the search even tougher. A prospective partner also had to be experienced in the white-label model that’d meet the business requirements of the end client.

MPC has quickly proven to be a valuable partner for this task – and continues to do so.

The Formalities

There was no time to waste and loads of formalities and procedures to sort out. Both parties needed to proceed with extreme caution, and a certain level of discretion had to be implemented. Straight away, we’ve established private and secure communication channels that were still efficient enough to handle multiple conversation threads and direct messages.

For safety reasons, all communication is hosted by our partner, however, MPC has provided battle-tested solutions like Slack that have been proven to work for multiple projects we’ve done.

We’ve signed a standard staff augmentation contract that puts an emphasis on confidentiality. This way, our team could get up to speed significantly faster compared to dedicated team and project-based outsourcing models, and seamlessly integrate with our client’s team members. Clear paths of communication with the end client were established, and our team has received our partner’s credentials to fully meet the end client’s requirements.

MPC remains an independent contractor who’s in charge of all employer-related responsibilities as well as team management, team building, internal training, employee evaluation, and other activities.

The Work Style

 We’re using tools and methodologies such as:

  • Asana,
  • Kanban (in the early stages of the project when the deadline was tight),
  • Scrum (once the backlog was cleared),
  • Slack,
  • Google Workspace,
  • JavaScript,
  • TypeScript,
  • Amazon Web Services.

Both companies work in a joint effort to deliver high-quality, working products to the end customer in a timely manner. We rely on direct, constant communication between the team members, and don’t neglect the importance of team building (especially since some of the projects are quite challenging time-wise). Both parties are open to suggestions and improvements to the development process.

Scrum guidelines have helped us achieve transparency and efficient workflow: daily meeting

For transparency, we provide monthly hour reports that document the details of work done for each project and department.

The Technicalities

The Technicalities

One of the main challenges for this project was that the development team had no direct access to core functionality. They needed to build on top and around it, using techniques like code injection which was tricker to perform than just writing it all from scratch. However, using clean JavaScript code was more time-consuming and harder than using a framework. The team went above & beyond, delivering the solution within the given deadline and continuing to develop it.

Another huge part of the development process was creating an admin panel. The team has chosen React for this task, as the panel needed to use MQTT protocol to be able to connect to thousands of users around the globe within less than a second.

The Result

13 releases up to date & over 7,500 work hours delivered while staying in line with legal requirements.

Other projects

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