Ib vogt is an international solar power plant company based in Germany. It cooperates with local partners in more than 40 countries to provide large-scale PV plants. Having established offices in no less than ten different locations across the globe, the core team soon faced a problem. Their employees were scattered around various areas, often very distant from each other. They were functioning in different time zones and using different software solutions. As a result, they grew more and more apart from the heart of the company and each other.

Ib vogt realized their teams needed to bond. They needed to have a shared space where they could communicate and improve their relationships. Where new employees could get on board, and important messages could spread.

They needed a company-wide intranet.

  • Bootstrap
  • Node.js
  • React.js

As the core team looked into their options, they found a WordPress plugin called wOffice. Its functionalities seemed to be precisely what ib vogt was after. But, after speaking to a handful of software houses, the team recognized that the plugin needs extra tailoring to address their needs.

MPC realized that too.

Our team flew to Germany to discuss ib vogt’s ideas and needs. We’ve gathered the company’s requirements and analyzed them to decide on technologies that’d suit the challenge best. Soon we came up to the conclusion that the solution they’d be happy with would mean going way beyond wOffice. That’s why we’ve offered them a premium, custom-made product built from scratch.



After thorough research of ib vogt’s benchmarks and aspirations, our team prepared wireframes to illustrate the way our product would meet these goals. Ib vogt needed a comprehensive platform where employees could socialize and communicate, but also read essential messages from the board, learn about the company’s events and take part in training sessions. Above all, the design had to be intuitive and easy to navigate through, but still in line with their company branding.


MPC’s challenge was to find common ground for all these features and values while also staying within UX guidelines. Knowing that German precision is worldwide recognized value, we aimed to address the company’s needs rather than offering a ready-made solution they’d have to adjust to.



Basing on previous brainstorming sessions, approved wireframes and ib vogt’s requirements, MPC started to create a product and build a code around it. As a number of features crucial for ib vogt weren’t available in wOffice, we’ve developed the entire product from scratch to provide the best results. One of them was real-time chat communication that our devs custom-coded using Node.js environment.

We developed the frontend using Bootstrap, React.js and a number of other technologies. Ib vogt also required a high level of security as they work with sensitive data. This meant that a complex structure of different authorization levels had to be established as well.


We’ve designed and developed an intuitive platform based on customizable widgets. This solution made ib vogt’s intranet easy to navigate through all required features and ready for any future changes.

Ib vogt’s intranet supports a range of solutions, from time tracking and newsbox feature to upcoming birthdays widget (to provide a social aspect to the platform). Announcements are now easier and clearer thanks to a simple delivery receipt fix.

One of the key problems ib vogt needed to solve was a comprehensive platform for training and onboarding. We’ve included that feature in the product, adding an organization structure, employee database and an FAQ section to make it as easy as possible for new employees. The intranet now serves as a tool to track employee’s training progress thanks to an intuitive tracking system.

The new system is not only versatile for standard employees; it’s also a management tool for team leaders. MPC provided a solution for managing projects, organizing tasks and tracking the workflow.

Ib vogt’s new platform currently features dozens of articles on training programs, work safety regulations and much more. Since release, the team has spread the news about over forty company events. The intranet has become an everyday tool ib vogt’s employees use on a daily basis and can’t do without. From the onboarding process to the shoutbox feature, it’s an entirely new way of connecting with the team and building its spirit.

The Result

A multi-functional intranet solution bringing teams closer together and improving the company’s communication policy.

Torsten Bierdel

“We settled on MPC because they were a full-service shop. Not only were they able to quickly deliver top tier web design talent but they were able to create a team of experience WordPress developers with the skills and expertise to make our intranet truly differentiated in the market. ”
Torsten Bierdel
Torsten Bierdel Head of Marketing at ib vogt

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