The Easy Legal Group of Companies is a Canadian litigation financing firm. Its lending solutions service the personal injury sector including plaintiffs with pending injury claims, their legal representatives and the service providers involved in their cases. The firm is registered to conduct business in Ontario, B.C., Alberta and the Atlantic provinces. Services are delivered through four brands: Easy Legal Finance Inc., Rhino Legal Finance, Seahold Legal Finance and Settlement Lenders. 

Each brand’s site, inherited through acquisition, came with its own visual identity, platform, and support. Because of that, managing all four of them quickly became inefficient and they all lacked one, cohesive look.



The client knew exactly what they wanted: a pixel–perfect, consistent brand look that would tie four different sites together, and yet keep their individual identity intact. And to move them all into a singular host.

The company chose MPC to create a fresh, modern, approachable design to make the user experience as smooth as possible. 

Cooperation Across The Seas

With a 7,001 km (4350.22 miles) distance and 6–hour difference between MPC and Easy Legal, we had to put processes in place to ensure seamless communication. In addition, as the client wanted to stay heavily involved and to oversee the whole process, we held frequent meetings and in the hours we could both compromise on. 

Beyond the online meetings, we kept in touch via Slack and reported the state of our tasks in Jira. The result — everyone knew what was happening at all times and there was no confusion at any point of the project. Those are the effects of complete transparency policy, which we promote, as our value-proposition.

The Clock Is Ticking

Although the project didn’t have a set deadline, the client chose a Time & Material payment model instead, we still wanted to deliver the finished products in a timely manner. The  whole collaboration process lasted 11 weeks, with 4 of them spent on building the sites.

MPC strives to build long–lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and transparency, so the client had an insight into the hours billed at all times.

And it paid off! Our partnership is still ongoing, with Easy Legal entrusting us with supporting their platforms.

“(…) we have already engaged them [MPC] for monthly support for all of our sites. (…) Now we have the pleasure of working with a firm that we really enjoy working with, understands our needs and demonstrates in every interaction, that our business is important to them!” 

— Nicole Popovich, COO, Easy Legal Finance Inc.

Workflow The MPC Way

Workflow The MPC Way

Since the project’s scope didn’t require an extensive product workshop, we dove straight into the kick–off instead, quickly followed by the development process, which concluded with the stabilization stage and support.

It’s important to note that our QA was present from the beginning to make testing easier. Thanks to this, they worked in perfect synchronization with the development during the development process, creating a dynamic, flexible teamwork.


Project Details

Project Details

The builder chosen for this project was Elementor, with Astra Pro as a theme. To create user–friendly forms we have implemented Gravity Form, and we have summed it all up with Zapier for integration with Salesforce and to simplify the eventual expansion.

When it comes to giving feedback, instead of cluttering email boxes and creating informational chaos, we used markup for streamlined communication.

Last but not least, we used WP Engine for migration purposes, showing off our WordPress expertise.

The Result

Professional representation of the business that presents a united front on all four parts with room for future growth with significantly increased efficiency and lessened costs.

Nicole Popovich

“Would I work with them again? Yes, and we have already engaged them for monthly support for all of our sites. We are currently consolidating our other web support vendors, which has increased our efficiency, decreased costs and now we have the pleasure of working with a firm that we really enjoy working with, who understands our needs and demonstrates in every interaction, that our business is important to them! ”
Nicole Popovich
Nicole Popovich COO of Easy Legal Finance Inc.

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