Currently We Look For

  • E-learning editor
    Massive Pixel Creation

    E-learning editor

    Sosnowiec/Hybrid Jesionowa 22 Silesian 40-158
    up to 3695 PLN Gross (UoP) PLN

    Regular 3695 - 3695 PLN Gross (UoP)

  • Interactive language courses developer
    Massive Pixel Creation

    Interactive language courses developer

    Sosnowiec / Hybrid Jesionowa 22 Silesian 40-158
    up to 3314 PLN Gross (UoP) PLN

    Junior 3314 - 3314 PLN Gross (UoP)

    Junior 3314 - 3314 PLN Gross (UZ)

  • DevOps Engineer
    Massive Pixel Creation

    DevOps Engineer

    Katowice (On-site)/ Remote Jesionowa 22 Silesian 40-158
    up to 16000 PLN Net (B2B) PLN

    Mid 14500 - 16000 PLN Net (B2B)

    Mid 12000 - 13280 PLN Gross (UoP)

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Our team is always on the lookout for someone great.

Why Us? Because we can be flexible together.

Why Us? Because you’ll love the atmosphere.

Why Us? Because we support your growth.

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Your kid’s preschool closes at 2 PM? You have a habit of running 5K at 8 AM every day? Are you simply not a morning person or can’t focus after lunch? At MPC we focus on results, not strict working hours. After all, it’s your time, so you should decide on it. Just make sure you get here by 9 AM. We give you various types of contracts to choose from. And we know there’s life outside work. And it’s equally important.

Sitting at the desk all day makes you cringe? No worries, we’re not ones to never even get up to get coffee either. We believe having fun leads to better results ‒ that’s why we’re putting a slide between our floor and a climbing wall so you can clear your head. Not a fan of heights? Cuddle with our Husky or sit down with a gaming pad.

We love working with people who don’t stick to what they know best. MPC gives you an annual budget for your personal growth and helps you keep up with your English (we know too well how rusty things can get when you don’t use them). We like getting out of our comfort zone all the time, so be ready to face new challenges and get familiar with new technologies every day.

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  • 2000 PLN/Year for Your Growth
  • Office Library
  • Online Courses at Udemy, Tuts+ and More
  • English Classes During Work Time
  • Height Adjustable Standing & Fully Equipped Desks
  • Flexible Hours
  • Best Coffee in Town
  • Chillout Space
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Annual Leave for B2B
  • MultiSport
  • Relocation Package
  • Medical Care & Insurance
  • Fruits, Nuts & Cereal
  • Quaterly Bonus for Best of the Best
  • Pet-friendly Office
  • Office Parties & Outings
  • Home Office Options
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You won’t come up with a great idea in a dull space.

Check out our office! We’re really proud of it.

Modern & efficient design

If we spend ⅓ of our day in one space, we’d better make it look nice. We never compromise on design and, to be honest, we’re suckers for the coolest gadgets around.

Being together

Don’t you hate it when there’s something important going on and no one tells you? At MPC we believe everyone should be up to date. That’s why we run weekly meetings to share the news and discuss what’s eating us.

Fully-equipped kitchen

We put sad & cold work lunches to rest. At MPC you can bake, roast, heat, blanch and braise or, if cooking’s not your forte, join a takeout order. We also aim to collect each kind of tea available and brew the best coffee in the area. Whatever fuels your creativity, you’ll find it here.

Where to find us

Our office is close to Katowice city center, so it’s not like we’re in a desert, but not so close we never see trees anymore. Rather than a business park, we’re located in an actual one and, to make sure your eyes get their obligatory rest, we’ve brought the greenery inside as well. We’ve also applied the Polish rule of thumb ‒ if there’s no Żabka within a 5-minute walk, don’t even bother.

Want to work with great people?

Are you ready to join us?

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